Doc Ott's Trans Michigan ('Tranmi') Trek

Updated 21Jul12

The Plan
To run accross the entirety of the state of Michigan, all 177 miles, non-stop, self-supported. I will begin at Cobo Hall in downtown Detroit and head west, finishing in South Haven a day or so later. I plan two extended (maybe an hour or two) breaks, one in Jackson, one in Battle Creek.

The Course
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Part 1 - Detroit to NW Ann Arbor 31.1 miles

Part 2 - NW Ann Arbor to Eastern Jackson 39.0 miles

Part 3 - Eastern Jackson to downtown Marshall 32.1 miles

Part 4 - Downtown Marshall to East Kalhaven trailhead 39.9 miles

part 5 - KalHaven trail, K-zoo to the beach 35.0 miles

Total Distance 177.1 miles (roughly)