Lab Schedule for CEM 142- FL07

Do NOT print this schedule out, just write it down. This schedule is (of course) subject to change..

8/21 : Welcome back lab

Seperation of 3 components 3.componentvia selective precipitation

8/28 How Much Co is in the Soil?

9/4 Changes Lab - This one is a 'virtual lab' done in a computer classroom. No prelab questions, but you will want to read sections 19.3 and 19.4 of your textbook before you come to lab. You will be doing a Vapor pressure lab with Prof. Singer. He will supply the experiment to you. (no online reading)

Steric Acid FP depression

9/11 Nu, freezing point depression

T-rate dependance lab here  Old one: Rate of Reaction  

9/25 Crystal Violet Rate Law Determination   

soda.acid.html Via titration

soda acid via pH measurements Soda acid via pH measurement

 Permanganate titrations (Fe2+ and H2O2) 

10/16 Iron Thiosulfate Equilbrium Constant Determination

Ksp of Magnesium Carbonate

10/23 Hydrolysis and Buffers This lab sucks!!! try this one: Hydrolysis and Buffers take 2

10/30 Electrochem fun

11/20 Vapor Pressure of Water  Instructor INSTRUCTOR notes for VP of water(replacement for FP depression?)    ????

11/27 UV Radiation lab PDF file to be printed out and read before class. There are prelab questions...

Lab Schedule for CEM 142- WN05

1/25 Rho, Koolaid spectroscopy

2/1 Nu, freezing point depression

3/1  Chromium in the Sauce                 

3/15 What formation constant?

3/22  Spectrochemical analysis of Aspirin                  

3/29 Chloride in the water

 4/5 Thermodynamics of Calcium Hydroxide Take 2:

4/19 Identities of metals