Enthalpy and Entropy of Vaporization of Water

   Instructor notes

- Use 125 flasks with septums.

'procedure' that you will put on board:

1. measure V of flask

2. drop P in flask below 0.5 atm to check for leaks

3. measure P (at room temp) = Pair --> nair

4. heat up water bath to ~80C. 

5. insert 3 mL of water, put in water bath (switch hotplates to cool one) let stabalize 4 min.

6. run expt (cooling) until down to 40C

        - setup excel spreadsheet (there is a  screencast, remember)

        - predict slope and y intercept based on actual values   Hval @ 100 40.65 kJ/mol @0C 45.05 kJ/mol Svap = 108.951 J/Kmol

~MEO 23Jan08