Lab Schedule for CEM 141- REFERENCE

Do NOT print this schedule out, just write it down somewhere important. It defeats the use-less-paper philosophy and it will probably change anyways.

Make sure you read the Guided Inquiry introduction

date Lab
8/21 Lab safety, location of equipment
Fat in potato chips
8/28 CoinWeigh, Inc. (old version) . . Penny Density (new!)
9/4 How much sugar in my soda?

Emission Spectra b
9/18 Stochiometry and Spectroscopy   This lab is lame! Why still do it?
9/18 3 component seperation   4 piece seperation
9/25 Color in Soda
10/2  Project Success Day (NO LAB)
10/9 Determination of a Chemical Formula
10/16 Model Lab
10/23 Phosphorus in Plant Food
10/30 Metal identity determination by specific heat
11/6 Cheap Chemical Synthesis  DOnt do until AFTER Solution phase chem!!!!
11/13 Determination of R
11/20 No lab (eat turkey)
11/27 Molecular Weight of a Volatile Liquid  
12/4 Fat and Salt in Food

date Lab
1/15 Lab safety, location of equipment
1/22 CoinWeigh, Inc.
1/29 Color Intensity LOST!
2/5 % O2 in Air
2/12 Cheap Chemical Synthesis
2/19 Determination of a Chemical Formula
2/26 Bottles without labels Week 1
3/4 Bottles without labels Week 2
3/18 True Cost of Heating
3/25 R determination
4/1 Emission Spectra
4/8 MW of a volatile liquid
4/15 M&M Chromatography
4/22 A trip to the grocery store.
4/29 Tie-dye

Updated: 6 Nov 07.

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