A Trip to the Grocery Store (30 points!)

    Lab begins 15 minutes after the 'normal' start time of lab. You are responsible to get yourself to the place where lab is being held. We are meeting at the Pollys Grocery Store in Summit Township (northwest of JCC). Carpooling is a good thing. It is in a strip mall on the south side of the street. Go here for directions and a map. When you get to the store, your instructor will give you the guide sheet telling you what you have to find. Make sure you bring your lecture notes,  recycled paper and something to 'write on' (like a clipboard or something) as well as your calculator.

This 'lab' is intended to serve as a review of all concepts learned through-out the semester up to this point. You will be obtaining information for 'food' labels from Polly's grocery store. You can only 'use' products that have these labels (Therefore Drain-O, which is concentrated NaOH, cannot be used) You may not use anything in the 'vitamin' isle either. Unless otherwise stated, when a 'reaction' needs to be obtained, the products must come from different 'isles' of the store. Make sure you tell me which isle which substance came from.

            You will not be buying any products during this experiment.

            You will not open any products during this experiment.

            You will handle yourself in a professional manner during this exercise.

            You will not have a lab partner, but may 'talk' to your fellow students for some help. Do not simply exchange answers.

            After you have read a label, put the item back exactly as you found it, with the label facing 'out'

            A copy of your textbook will be available (your instructor will be walking around with it) if you want to look up some of those funky chemicals. You want to bring your lecture notes however.

The 'lab report' consists of piece of recycled paper with answers to all the questions in the guide sheet, that is all. Make sure you answer every question asked of you. (There are a lot.)

There are no Prelab questions for this experiment.

~MEO 12.06.05 21:45